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Well it's been a lil over a month since I update last..so what's going on with me? Ok starting from most recent to not.

Yesterday I was in a free entry poker tournament. I had never played in a casino before, only in Josh's kitchen. I love playing, so since it was free, I figured why not. At least I'll gain some real table experience. So long story short, out of 470 people that showed up, I came in fucking 9th bitches!!! I made the final table! I'm so stoked. I even got 100 bucks out of it. not bad. Maybe I can quit HT and become a pro..haha I wish

Also, it was Paula's bday and we went to see Alkaline trio on Wednesday (and the previous Sunday) It was fun, they sounded awesome. We met Matt and Derrick both days and they remembered us and wished her a hapy bday. It was pretty freakin rad! I also took some pictures and posted em on hottopic.com with a little story about the Blood Pact. It may seem cheesy, but fuck it. Anything I can do to help my favorite band and help me look good at work works for me. Check it out http://www.hottopic.com/community/at_gallery.asp

I'm defintely going to the Gorilla Biscuits reunion. Work ok'd paying for a hotel as long as I got to stores so I'm stoked as fuck. So I'll be flying into Philly on the 13th, hitting up the city on the 14th and then hanging around Jersey and NYC on the 15th and 16th. Then I go back to Philly for our hotel. That's where we're staying for Hellfest until the 21st. So if anyone is around these areas and wants to hang..let me know :)

I bought a new car. I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's a Ford Focus. It's a rad color, but so far the gas mileage sucks. I figured it would be a little better seeing as how it's a new car, but nope. Nothing beats my old Subaru.

Troy Duffy (Boondock Saints writer/director) came to HT. I didn't even know until he was there and in a meeting. guess what store is going to have Boondock Saints shirts? that's right. I'm so stoked. He ever signed a poster for me and told me the plot of Part 2. It was a good day.

Other than that, shit's the same as it ever was. Stress is setting in. I actually have a dr appt forit. I'm getting over my job real quick. I'm only 27, I shouldn't have to b making doctor appt's for stress because of a job. I'm not a doctor where lives are on the line. I fucking buy t shirts....there's no reason for this....
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