Xone chance is one too muchX (xsofargonex) wrote,
Xone chance is one too muchX

It's been about 2 weeks since I updated last

Damn, time flies sometimes. Let's see, what have I been up to..A couple shows. The Faint, Embrace Today, etc. The Faint were awesome as usual. Saw em at the Glasshouse and then at the Mayan. We were supposed to go see em the third night, but by that time, all of us were beat. So I just gave the tickets away so it worked out. My boys in EXT came through and that was just awesome. I love those dudes so much. I met up with em outside of Koo's and we just talked ofr like 3 hours straight until it was time for them to go on. Fuck I miss em. I was supposed to go see em in Southgate but some shit came up and couln't head out. But they'll be out here again soon enough once the new rekkid drops...

My Thanksgiving was ok I guess. It's tough to be "into" holidays when you're alone and you have no family. A couple people invited me to eat at their house, which was rad. I ended up just staying home until it was time for Cradle of Filth. They were so much better when I saw em in Worcestor a few years ago. They kinda sucked this time around. Randomly in line, Paul and I started talking to these dudes in front of us and out of nowhere he asked if my elbows were tattooed. Yeah......Done by Dan? yeah...Come ot find out, he's the one who took Dan's place at the show when he moved back to NY. Crazy. I'm gonna go check out his stuff this week and see if it's any good. It would be nice to have a local tattoo guy. Friday I had to work. It was so dead but went by super quick. After work, Paul and I hit up Yellowcard for work. Man it was jailbait heaven. ahaha They put on a good show, but were boring. Played for almost 2 hours. After the show, we went up to Underground and met up with Luann and Courtney. Man, that place went downhill. It has such a lame Beat It type crowd now and it was so packed there was barely enough room to dance.

Luann was out here visiting from Maine. I love that girl. It's so funny how we used to thin we hated each other in college. then again, we had a crazy mutual friend. She's going back tonight. We had so much fun this week...Nova's at 2AM, Blue Monday's, The Bullet, Underground. It was great!!

Last night we went to the Bullet All nighter. It was a blast. I had fun but Paul and Tony didn't for some reason. So it looks like I'll have on one to go with to the next one...bleh

Nothing much else is new, the job is still going good and is only going to get easier since the holidays will be over soon. I'm dating one of the most raddest girls I've met. So far, that is going really well also. So well in fact I'm inviting her to our Xmas party at work. What a huge step that is...haha We'll see how that goes. I think that's about it for now :)
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