Xone chance is one too muchX (xsofargonex) wrote,
Xone chance is one too muchX

Keela keeps me entertained

1)Have you been to any other countries outside of the U.S.? Canadia eh

2)Have you ever been arrested? Nope

3)What's the worst job you ever had? Being a waiter at Dennys

4)Have you ever been video taped doing something regrettable? No regrets, no shame

5)How many jobs do you have now? Just one, two is Josh or Brien are in town. Merch asst for a day!

6)What's the first movie you remember seeing? I have no clue

7)Do you have siblings? Nope, only child

8)Have you ever been somewhere where there were cops in riot gear? haha oh yeah

9)What did you do to celebrate your 21st b-day? Went to Foxwoods!

10) Did you keep a favorite toy from when you were a kid? hahaha almost all of em!

11) If you could bring back a toy from when you were a kid what would it be? Since I have most of em, I can't really choose. I guess my Power Lords. Those things were badass!

12) Did you go to prom? Yeah, my mom made me go so she would have a picture of me in a tux.

13) What was the last contract you signed? It's been a long time. I'm not too sure what it was though

14) Do you still watch cartoons? Of course

15) What was the last show you went to? The Faint last night

16) What languages can you speak? English and a little bit of Spanish

17) What is your favorite restaurant? Bobs Big Boy or Rocky Cola

18) How far are you living from your hometown? Total Est. Time: 43 hours, 59 minutes Total Est. Distance: 2895.46 miles (I love Mapquest)

19) Have you ever gone to a high school reunion? Not yet

20) What kind of calendar do you have? A Simpsons calender right behind me

21) When was the last time you skipped work? I guess on Thursday. We left wicked ealry to go shopping and then meet up with people at Morrissey.

22) When was the last time you took a vacation? June, when I went home last

23) What was the last cd you burned? Garden State soundtrack

24) Did you vote during this last election? Yesh

25) Do you have any phobias? Not that I know of

26) Have you ever sold any bodily fluids? I wish

27) Have you ever spent the night in the hospital? Never spent the night, but was there for most of the night when I broke my nose

28) Do you own any fancy belt buckles? haha I was the buckle buyer for 2 years..of course

29) Whats your favorite video game? House of the Dead and Tony Hawk Underground

30) Can you cook? Only Mac and cheese and stuff on my George Foreman grill

31) Did O.J. do it? Probably

32) Once tattooing and piercings have passed what outrageous thing do you think do you think the youth of the world will be doing? Branding/scarrification

33) What band have you seen play the most? Geez, way too many. Earth Crisis? Snapcase? Aftershock? Grattitude (hahaha gansta boogie!!)

34) Do you own a gun? Do you know how to use it? Yes, but it's at my folks house

35) Do you have a cube, if so what color is it? Cubes are for squares

36) What's your biggest temptation? Being lazy and not going some place I want to because I wanna just be tired.

37) Do you have bumper stickers on your car, if so what? No but I ahve a sweet personalized plate

38) Is your fridge half empty or half full? Pretty empty

39) Now that summer is over what do you wish to be doing next summer? CA has no seasons

40) Can you gleak? haha Yeah...wow I haven't heard that word in so long

41) What kind of chapstick or lip balm do you use? Neither

42) Do you keep your fortunes from cookies? Nope

43) What was the last thing you created (work doesn't count)? a dvd
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