Xone chance is one too muchX (xsofargonex) wrote,
Xone chance is one too muchX

No running zombies

So things for once, are actually good. Like every part of my life is complete. I love my job, I have a place to live, I have a car, I have a fucking amazing girlfriend and some good people around me. I just wish I had my friends from back home, but I'll see them soon enough. It seems a lot has been up. This past weekend was our work xmas party. It was cool, it was the first time Paula met any of my friends, so that was cool. This Saturday is hers, so I'm gonna go to that. I was also a zombie extra in a movie being filmed in Downtown LA. It was so much fun. It's called Last Rites and should be out in 2005 sometime.

What else what else...I had to go to Fresno for 2 days last week to visit stores. Man that place sucks. It's so boring, but whatever. I went to see Bury Your Dead and Acacia Strain. fucking Ogre was there. I was good to see Chris and some other familiar faces. It always helps to have some sort of home here. I also brought cindy to that show. She's our VP and it was rad. We had dinner and then went to the show. She always complained how no one ever asks her to shows since sh'es older and everyones boss, so I said Fuck it and invited her. She had a blast and it was so dope! I'm totally gonna ask her again! I'm sure some other stuff has gone on, but I can't remember what else.
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