Xone chance is one too muchX (xsofargonex) wrote,
Xone chance is one too muchX

Wake up and hate....

....another day in paradise....

The past week wasn't so bad. Let's see...

Wednesday night, I went to see Ted Leo, Lucero, and the Lashes. It was pretty random. The music clerical and I were talking the week prior about Old Crow Medicine show and he told me about Lucero (like alt country..really good). He had an extra ticket, so we cruised up there. First we had some dinner and I introduced him to the wonder which is Frisco's. Who doens't love underage girls on roller skates? So we got there and the first band was getting ready to go on. I had no idea who there were and they looked like a bunch of scene fags with bad hair. They are now one of my top bands. They were so good. Think the Cars meet old Get up Kids. Really poppy and really good. Plus the bassist looks and plays exactly like thedeceiver so that made me happy and a bit homesick. Lucero was next and they were just amazing. I dug them a lot too. Ted Leo was good too..but I was beat and left after a few songs. It was a good night.

Thursday me and the usual peeps headed out to Rock It to get all sorts of ghettofied. Seriousl,y the place is so ghetto but they play such good music. It was fun, we dance and shit and I got hit on by a few gay guys. Just my luck.

Friday was my day off. I did nothing.

Yesterday, nothing all day then 100 Demons at night. It was so dope. Jenn and Mark rule so much. I'm hitting the same show up on Tuesday. I can't wait. It's going to be a bloodbath seeing as how Koo's is the size of my living room.

Today, a whole lot of contemplating and thinking. Aww yeah.

I'm going to be really busy the next 2 weeks and I'm stoked. It's about time I do something..

Tomorrow I might go to 100 Demons at the Allen Theater
Tuesday - 100 Demons at Koos
Wednesday - Hot Rod Circuit and Stray Light Run at Chain
Thursday - Morrissey at Universal
Friday - The Faint at the Glasshouse

Let the stalking and the new Simpsons begin...

.....don't think I've been happy, more than twice in my life....
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