Xone chance is one too muchX (xsofargonex) wrote,
Xone chance is one too muchX

Hessian Agression

This was my first full week over in my new spot. My desk was all moved and it was time to start this shit up. Well, the frist week...fucking amazing. Seriously, I'm so happy with work right now. It's been so long since I've said that. It's amazing how much of your happiness/sadness/everything has to do with your boss. In leather, I was miserable all the time, anyhting I would ask my boss would be followed up with a "I didn't have time" I don't know.." etc...but now..I get an answer to questions I never thought I would. I'm so stoked. Vendors keep telling me how happy he is that I'm over here since he was sick of his old asst. I guess all she did was complain and they always clashed. Oh well, fuck her. I'm here now and I have one goal..to make her look bad. I'm confident for once...it will happen

I got a call this week from the one and only Joshfuckingrden. I didn't even know he was on tour. Turns out he was gonna be in LA on Friday, so I went up and played asst merch tech. Actaully, I think I'm moving up from being his tech. haha I might be Assistant merch guy from now on!! It was good...I got there and wow...seriously, I haven't seen so much hessian agression since Life of Agony downstairs at Pearl St. It was amazing. Sold a lot of shit. It was a good night. Then it ended. The Pallaidum nazi's (fucking take 25%) were giving Josh shit about money or something. It was real wack. Whatever.

Yesterday hit up our friends party. A couple pictures of my zombie get up below...It was fun. At the same time, it wasn't because we had plans to go watch our other friend DJ, so we were so stoked for that, that it kind left us wanting to leave a lot more as each minute passed. So we start to leave and about 10 minutes on our way to the all nighter (where he was djing) he calls and tells us it's dead, so don't even bother. Goddammit. So we just ended up going home. We were in by 1...good times. Oh well...

So that's the scoop. I'm pretty much over it. I want to hit up Underground on Friday. I haven't been out in so long, although there's a show going on almost every night in November. I'm gonna be a busy little bee. haha

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