Xone chance is one too muchX (xsofargonex) wrote,
Xone chance is one too muchX

Things are good

For the first time in a while...things are really good. At least they seem that way. I've just been up lately and it's a great feeling. I forgot what it feels like. As of now, I actually like my job. So far my new position is fucking amazing. I'm gonna like it over here. Also, I overheard my new boss talking (what ever the opposite of shit is) about me. He was saying how maazing I was so far. Fuck yeah!! It's about time I get some credit for what I do.

Mom leaves in a couple days. It's nuts how quick her visit went by. Yesterday we went to the San Diego zoo and it fucking ruled. We had such a good time. It was the first zoo I ever went to. It was just amazing. So many animals I had never seen in real life. So cool. I saw a bunch of leopards, a jaguar and a huge freakin bat. I didn't get to see any monkey's flinging poop, that was kind of disappointing, BUT I did see an eagle catch a mouch and fly around with it, land right in front of me on a perch, and continue to rip it apart and eat it. It was awesome.

The way home suck..of course. Traffic was horrible. It was good for a while and then we got to Irvine it was dead stop. So we got off and I went to Loehmann's and got a new Fred Perry and we ate at Pat and Oscars. By then traffic was good and we went home and fell asleep.....
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