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It's been a while   
09:07pm 07/01/2013
  It's been years since I've written in here. I forgot about it until last week when I was talking about my ex Paula to a coworker. For some reason, LJ got brought up and I went back and read all my old entries. It was crazy. So many names I don't remember anymore, so many people I don't hang out with anymore, so many things I don't do anymore. It was fun to read, but also depressing since it seemed I actually had a life back in 2004

I liked how it sprang memories back from a while back, and decided I would try to keep it going so that in another 8 years, I can look back at people and things I don't remember again

I'll start with this past weekend...I actually did some things. Saturday morning, Paul came by and brought his dog to play with my pugs, so that was cool. It was the first time I've seen him since his wedding, which was over a year ago. It's crazy what LA can do to people. I mean, most people who live in LA don't leave...ever. I'm not in LA as much as I used to be, but when I am and hit him up, he's been out of town or had plans already. Either way, he's one of those people that no matter how long you go without seeing him, things are always cool. He's one of the only people I don't think I've ever had a fight with, or even a disagreement. I have nothing bad to say about him ever. He's a solid dude and I'm glad he's been my friend for so long.

Later that day, Veronica came over and we went to see "How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse". It's a play and so funny! It's based on a book and man, so good. It was at the same theater that I took my mom to see the Xmas Zombie Play a couple of years ago. After that we went to Amoeba to kill some time before we headed over to Bar Sinister. Natasha was go-going so she put us on the list. It was cool. I danced a bit and then a dj came on that used a laptop and didn't even beat match. Such a let down, but whatever.

Sunday was uneventful. I watched football, made some bread, and just hung out all day.

Today...back to work...fun times as always.

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Well well well   
04:34pm 07/01/2013
  Well I remembered my password. Does anyone use this anymore? I'm planning a posting come back  

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I like to play with my wii wii   
09:21pm 31/01/2007
  Anyone have a wii? Give me your friend code!  

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11:49pm 28/01/2007
  Does anyone I know still use this? I can't believe it's been so long..haha  

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Yep yep   
07:16pm 22/07/2005
mood: apathetic
Well it's been a lil over a month since I update last..so what's going on with me? Ok starting from most recent to not.

Yesterday I was in a free entry poker tournament. I had never played in a casino before, only in Josh's kitchen. I love playing, so since it was free, I figured why not. At least I'll gain some real table experience. So long story short, out of 470 people that showed up, I came in fucking 9th bitches!!! I made the final table! I'm so stoked. I even got 100 bucks out of it. not bad. Maybe I can quit HT and become a pro..haha I wish

Also, it was Paula's bday and we went to see Alkaline trio on Wednesday (and the previous Sunday) It was fun, they sounded awesome. We met Matt and Derrick both days and they remembered us and wished her a hapy bday. It was pretty freakin rad! I also took some pictures and posted em on hottopic.com with a little story about the Blood Pact. It may seem cheesy, but fuck it. Anything I can do to help my favorite band and help me look good at work works for me. Check it out http://www.hottopic.com/community/at_gallery.asp

I'm defintely going to the Gorilla Biscuits reunion. Work ok'd paying for a hotel as long as I got to stores so I'm stoked as fuck. So I'll be flying into Philly on the 13th, hitting up the city on the 14th and then hanging around Jersey and NYC on the 15th and 16th. Then I go back to Philly for our hotel. That's where we're staying for Hellfest until the 21st. So if anyone is around these areas and wants to hang..let me know :)

I bought a new car. I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's a Ford Focus. It's a rad color, but so far the gas mileage sucks. I figured it would be a little better seeing as how it's a new car, but nope. Nothing beats my old Subaru.

Troy Duffy (Boondock Saints writer/director) came to HT. I didn't even know until he was there and in a meeting. guess what store is going to have Boondock Saints shirts? that's right. I'm so stoked. He ever signed a poster for me and told me the plot of Part 2. It was a good day.

Other than that, shit's the same as it ever was. Stress is setting in. I actually have a dr appt forit. I'm getting over my job real quick. I'm only 27, I shouldn't have to b making doctor appt's for stress because of a job. I'm not a doctor where lives are on the line. I fucking buy t shirts....there's no reason for this....

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Way too long   
01:52am 03/06/2005
  Wow, it's been a few months since I've updated. I guess lately, I haven't had much on my mind to let out. I've been told I need to update this more regularly like I used to, so here it goes. Sorry Peter! haha

So what's been up with me? Shit, not too much. The more things stay the same, the more things stay the same. I guess I'm ok with routine. Get up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, a show every now and then, see Paula on the weekends. It seems to have been working and I'm happy. Well as happy as a bitter old man can be. Of course thigns come up that piss me off like with work and with her, but it's expected. Nothing you can do but wait out whatever storm has come ya know?

For some reason, I just feel like letting it out tonight. It's 2 AM and I haven't been up this "late" in a while. Maybe I just can't sleep because today seemed to be a day to give me shit to think about or maybe I just want to watch Lionheart real bad on AMC. For whatever reason, I can't sleep and I kinda feel shitty.

At work today, more people got promoted, that weren't me..of course and then someone had mentioned how they wanted me to buy for a few stores. A few stores? WTF...if you're going to promote me, promote me, don't small table at thanksgiving or the short yellow school bus promote me. Fuck man...of course whenever something like this happens just makes me want to say fuck it and move home. That is always in my mind, but then I freak out and think..Fuck, what could I do back home? I mean I've been with HT for 9 years now. 9 fucking years of my life and I don't have much to show for it. I'm not making the big bucks, I live in a 1 bedroom apartment in a city that is turning more ghetto by the day. All I have are compliments from people that can't do anything for me really and some cool stories. Sometimes I wonder if I never met Paula if I would still be here..I probably would since I seem to pussy out whenever I think of a job and how to make money back home.

When I went back home and hung out at my friends place, it was just rad. I mean she has a house. I should be owning a house now. I should start to be "settling" down..but I feel like I can't. I don't and won't make enough to ever own a house in CA and if I move home, will I be in the same position? Sure houses are cheaper, but would I make enough?

Now's the Paula time. Saturday will be 6 months and now I'm not sure if I'll even see her. We had plans to go to the horror convention, but she sent an email saying how she needs to get out of her house and just wants to pack up her bags and leave CA. An email..one of my things with her is we're supposedto be best friends, but I feel like she doesn't treat me like it. I mean, who emails their best friends saying they're depressed and need to get out of their house? I think at the very least I should expect a phone call. I just don't get it. She does make me happy. I would like to think I've been the happiest I've ever been. I mean I honestly want to stay with this girl and marry her. I know crazy huh?? But when she says things like how she wants to just leave, it makes me wonder. She does hate CA, maybe even more than I do, but at the same time, it's like crying wolf. She has said she is going to do it, but then will turn back around and tell me how I'm the best thing in her life and she would never leave me..but I guess part of me keeps the oppurtunity open, so that if for whatever reason she does decide to leave, it won't surprise me as much. I just don't know...certain things sketch me out..

Other than that, I get to see my boys on Sunday. I didn't get to hang out with em in Boston so I'm stoked I'll see em now. I'm also going to see Old Crow Medicine Show on Saturday which is going to rule. It will be interesting to see them at the Troubadour since they have like 30 peope in their band and the stage is the size of a table..haha

So that's the scoop...sleep tight

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Getting away again...   
05:25pm 05/03/2005
  So Vegas came and went. Overall it was a good trip. The show was probably the smoothest I have ever been through. My boss and I just rule. That's gotta be why. Let's see, some highlights of it was meeting Lil John and Don Knotts!! Yep, he's not dead yet and he's still as funny as he used to be. I hope when I get that old, I can still carry myself like that.

Other than that, nothing else. I'm going to South By Southwest in a week and a half. Is anyone that reads this going? I can't wait, there's so many bands I want to see and I finally get to see Pig Destroyer. I'm so excited!!

And I'm coming home in April!! I'll be home the 20th through May 1st, so let's hang out. I'll be at Metalfest for all three days as well, so hangs out for there too will be needed.

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I'm the verbal Herman Munstaaaa   
09:03pm 06/02/2005
  This past week was pretty good. Nothing really eventful except Wednesday. We had a work dinner at some Japanese place in Pasadena. It was really good. It was like Benihana where they cook right in front of you and do a total show. It was rad. It was my first time eating Japanese food..although it wasn't really Japanese. I mean I ate the rice and the chopped steak, but nothing else. So technically I opened up my horizons, but not really. haha

Pretty good weekend. It was my Friday to work and it went by uber slow as usual. Since we started getting every other Friday off, the Fridays that we do work just suck. There's nothing to really do except wait for time to go by. After that I came home and slept. It was a fun filled day. haha Saturday I met up with Dan, Paul, and tony at the Aesop Rock show. It was really fucking good. Chahlie 2na from Jurassic 5 was doing a solo thing and then he had everyone else from J5 come up and they did a mini J5 set. It was so fucking rad! It started late, at 9 and the first guys didn't go on till 10:30. Aesop Rock and Mr Lif went on at 12:45 and by 1:30, we were so beat, so we said fuck it and left. After that I went over to Paula's and slept.

Today we woke up and went over her sisters to see the new puppies. Her beagles had some and they are so fucking cute. So we stayed there and played for a bit. After that went to Toys R Us and then got some food. We got lazy and fell asleep and next thing we knew it was 8 o clock! So I came home, showered and wrote this. Tomorrow is work...ugh

Also, I just realized I have 50 gmail invites. I know most people have em, but if you don't, and you want one, leave a comment with your email or if you know anyone who wants one, leave their email.

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It's been too long   
10:12pm 30/01/2005
  Man, I haven't written in this thing for so long! I guess it's about time to update to let everyone know I'm alive right? Well for those of you who do care (mostly on the east coast), here I am. So what has been up in the world of Mike since the last entry? Everything and nothing!

For starters, I have the most amazing girlfriend. I know everyone who has a girlfriend says that, but seriously, holy shit! She's everything I could have ever dreamed for. She is so fucking cute, has good tattoos (1 arm sleeved), is NOT originally from CA (figures), collects toys, loves horror and zombies, loves to just watch movies from the comfort of our couch, talks as much shit as I do, there are about amillion other things I could say, but...damn, oh and she's getting dreads. Those of you who know me well enough know my thing for dreads. Mmmmm...So we've been "official" for about 2 months now and I haven't been this happy since I've been in CA. I was able to spend the holidays with her and her family, which was awesome. It made me a lot less homesick. I went with her over to her grammy's house on Xmas eve and it was an experience to say the least. Her and all of her family is from Argentina, so everyone there spoke Spanish and I was just smiling and nodding. haha That was cool because it was new, it was cool seeing a tradition done and made me smile that families actually do things like that still. I feel so far removed from any sort of family. I guess because My mom, pop and I were the black sheep of the family and such traditions stopped when we stopped getting invited to them. Oh well. Fuckers. It's easy and happy for me to say I'm in love...I know I know, I'm a fag, but whatever. It's about time and I deserve to be happy for once.

Speaking of being happy, my job is still going awesome. I love it! Just like my girl, I deserve to be happy at work. I've started carpooling and even playing basketball after work again. Everything is just going good for me. Well everything out here at least. I keep thinking how life is going on back home and how if it wasn't for Michelle and Mike calling me every couple days, I would have no clue anyone is even alive or even cares. I'm not trying to fish, but just people are busy and some are lazy and entangled in their own messes of their life. But with my M and M's..haha...I don't know what I'd do.

Not much else. My boy postponed the wedding, which sucks. I don't know what's up and it's none of my business, but I know he'll tell me eventually. But as of now, no trip to Boston in October. I'm not sure when I'll go home again. I'm traveling for work the next couple of months. Feb is Vegas, March is Texas for South by Southwest, April I might go to Metalfest and if I can hook that up on the company's dime, I'll be stoked. If not, maybe I an go home then and kill 2 bords with one stone. Hmm, I'll have to check it out. Not too many shows have come up that I've been excited about either. I'll be going to Aesop Rock on Saturday and then sage and Atmosphere in March and April, but that's about it. I hope everyone reading this is doing awesome. Latah...

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07:49pm 23/12/2004

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No running zombies   
08:22pm 14/12/2004
  So things for once, are actually good. Like every part of my life is complete. I love my job, I have a place to live, I have a car, I have a fucking amazing girlfriend and some good people around me. I just wish I had my friends from back home, but I'll see them soon enough. It seems a lot has been up. This past weekend was our work xmas party. It was cool, it was the first time Paula met any of my friends, so that was cool. This Saturday is hers, so I'm gonna go to that. I was also a zombie extra in a movie being filmed in Downtown LA. It was so much fun. It's called Last Rites and should be out in 2005 sometime.

What else what else...I had to go to Fresno for 2 days last week to visit stores. Man that place sucks. It's so boring, but whatever. I went to see Bury Your Dead and Acacia Strain. fucking Ogre was there. I was good to see Chris and some other familiar faces. It always helps to have some sort of home here. I also brought cindy to that show. She's our VP and it was rad. We had dinner and then went to the show. She always complained how no one ever asks her to shows since sh'es older and everyones boss, so I said Fuck it and invited her. She had a blast and it was so dope! I'm totally gonna ask her again! I'm sure some other stuff has gone on, but I can't remember what else.

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It's been about 2 weeks since I updated last   
06:31pm 28/11/2004
  Damn, time flies sometimes. Let's see, what have I been up to..A couple shows. The Faint, Embrace Today, etc. The Faint were awesome as usual. Saw em at the Glasshouse and then at the Mayan. We were supposed to go see em the third night, but by that time, all of us were beat. So I just gave the tickets away so it worked out. My boys in EXT came through and that was just awesome. I love those dudes so much. I met up with em outside of Koo's and we just talked ofr like 3 hours straight until it was time for them to go on. Fuck I miss em. I was supposed to go see em in Southgate but some shit came up and couln't head out. But they'll be out here again soon enough once the new rekkid drops...

My Thanksgiving was ok I guess. It's tough to be "into" holidays when you're alone and you have no family. A couple people invited me to eat at their house, which was rad. I ended up just staying home until it was time for Cradle of Filth. They were so much better when I saw em in Worcestor a few years ago. They kinda sucked this time around. Randomly in line, Paul and I started talking to these dudes in front of us and out of nowhere he asked if my elbows were tattooed. Yeah......Done by Dan? yeah...Come ot find out, he's the one who took Dan's place at the show when he moved back to NY. Crazy. I'm gonna go check out his stuff this week and see if it's any good. It would be nice to have a local tattoo guy. Friday I had to work. It was so dead but went by super quick. After work, Paul and I hit up Yellowcard for work. Man it was jailbait heaven. ahaha They put on a good show, but were boring. Played for almost 2 hours. After the show, we went up to Underground and met up with Luann and Courtney. Man, that place went downhill. It has such a lame Beat It type crowd now and it was so packed there was barely enough room to dance.

Luann was out here visiting from Maine. I love that girl. It's so funny how we used to thin we hated each other in college. then again, we had a crazy mutual friend. She's going back tonight. We had so much fun this week...Nova's at 2AM, Blue Monday's, The Bullet, Underground. It was great!!

Last night we went to the Bullet All nighter. It was a blast. I had fun but Paul and Tony didn't for some reason. So it looks like I'll have on one to go with to the next one...bleh

Nothing much else is new, the job is still going good and is only going to get easier since the holidays will be over soon. I'm dating one of the most raddest girls I've met. So far, that is going really well also. So well in fact I'm inviting her to our Xmas party at work. What a huge step that is...haha We'll see how that goes. I think that's about it for now :)

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Keela keeps me entertained   
10:25pm 13/11/2004
  1)Have you been to any other countries outside of the U.S.? Canadia eh

2)Have you ever been arrested? Nope

3)What's the worst job you ever had? Being a waiter at Dennys

4)Have you ever been video taped doing something regrettable? No regrets, no shame

5)How many jobs do you have now? Just one, two is Josh or Brien are in town. Merch asst for a day!

6)What's the first movie you remember seeing? I have no clue

7)Do you have siblings? Nope, only child

8)Have you ever been somewhere where there were cops in riot gear? haha oh yeah

9)What did you do to celebrate your 21st b-day? Went to Foxwoods!

10) Did you keep a favorite toy from when you were a kid? hahaha almost all of em!

11) If you could bring back a toy from when you were a kid what would it be? Since I have most of em, I can't really choose. I guess my Power Lords. Those things were badass!

12) Did you go to prom? Yeah, my mom made me go so she would have a picture of me in a tux.

13) What was the last contract you signed? It's been a long time. I'm not too sure what it was though

14) Do you still watch cartoons? Of course

15) What was the last show you went to? The Faint last night

16) What languages can you speak? English and a little bit of Spanish

17) What is your favorite restaurant? Bobs Big Boy or Rocky Cola

18) How far are you living from your hometown? Total Est. Time: 43 hours, 59 minutes Total Est. Distance: 2895.46 miles (I love Mapquest)

19) Have you ever gone to a high school reunion? Not yet

20) What kind of calendar do you have? A Simpsons calender right behind me

21) When was the last time you skipped work? I guess on Thursday. We left wicked ealry to go shopping and then meet up with people at Morrissey.

22) When was the last time you took a vacation? June, when I went home last

23) What was the last cd you burned? Garden State soundtrack

24) Did you vote during this last election? Yesh

25) Do you have any phobias? Not that I know of

26) Have you ever sold any bodily fluids? I wish

27) Have you ever spent the night in the hospital? Never spent the night, but was there for most of the night when I broke my nose

28) Do you own any fancy belt buckles? haha I was the buckle buyer for 2 years..of course

29) Whats your favorite video game? House of the Dead and Tony Hawk Underground

30) Can you cook? Only Mac and cheese and stuff on my George Foreman grill

31) Did O.J. do it? Probably

32) Once tattooing and piercings have passed what outrageous thing do you think do you think the youth of the world will be doing? Branding/scarrification

33) What band have you seen play the most? Geez, way too many. Earth Crisis? Snapcase? Aftershock? Grattitude (hahaha gansta boogie!!)

34) Do you own a gun? Do you know how to use it? Yes, but it's at my folks house

35) Do you have a cube, if so what color is it? Cubes are for squares

36) What's your biggest temptation? Being lazy and not going some place I want to because I wanna just be tired.

37) Do you have bumper stickers on your car, if so what? No but I ahve a sweet personalized plate

38) Is your fridge half empty or half full? Pretty empty

39) Now that summer is over what do you wish to be doing next summer? CA has no seasons

40) Can you gleak? haha Yeah...wow I haven't heard that word in so long

41) What kind of chapstick or lip balm do you use? Neither

42) Do you keep your fortunes from cookies? Nope

43) What was the last thing you created (work doesn't count)? a dvd

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I can admit my faults   
12:37am 13/11/2004
  Those of you who know me really well know my disgust for Morrissey. Over the years, I've talked more than anyone's fair shoare of shit about him, made fun of his voice and all that. But I figured I should see him at least once to see what the big deal was about, plus we have a ton of Smiths exclusives in the works, so we hit up the show with a vendor...

All I have to say, is that after seeing him live. I am now a fan. You know it had to have been something more than amazing to make me totally flip the switch on that. He's like Elvis, it's fucking nuts. I will totally go see him again.

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Wake up and hate....   
07:52pm 07/11/2004
  ....another day in paradise....

The past week wasn't so bad. Let's see...

Wednesday night, I went to see Ted Leo, Lucero, and the Lashes. It was pretty random. The music clerical and I were talking the week prior about Old Crow Medicine show and he told me about Lucero (like alt country..really good). He had an extra ticket, so we cruised up there. First we had some dinner and I introduced him to the wonder which is Frisco's. Who doens't love underage girls on roller skates? So we got there and the first band was getting ready to go on. I had no idea who there were and they looked like a bunch of scene fags with bad hair. They are now one of my top bands. They were so good. Think the Cars meet old Get up Kids. Really poppy and really good. Plus the bassist looks and plays exactly like thedeceiver so that made me happy and a bit homesick. Lucero was next and they were just amazing. I dug them a lot too. Ted Leo was good too..but I was beat and left after a few songs. It was a good night.

Thursday me and the usual peeps headed out to Rock It to get all sorts of ghettofied. Seriousl,y the place is so ghetto but they play such good music. It was fun, we dance and shit and I got hit on by a few gay guys. Just my luck.

Friday was my day off. I did nothing.

Yesterday, nothing all day then 100 Demons at night. It was so dope. Jenn and Mark rule so much. I'm hitting the same show up on Tuesday. I can't wait. It's going to be a bloodbath seeing as how Koo's is the size of my living room.

Today, a whole lot of contemplating and thinking. Aww yeah.

I'm going to be really busy the next 2 weeks and I'm stoked. It's about time I do something..

Tomorrow I might go to 100 Demons at the Allen Theater
Tuesday - 100 Demons at Koos
Wednesday - Hot Rod Circuit and Stray Light Run at Chain
Thursday - Morrissey at Universal
Friday - The Faint at the Glasshouse

Let the stalking and the new Simpsons begin...

.....don't think I've been happy, more than twice in my life....

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Fuck I'm bored   
07:04pm 05/11/2004
  [ 1 ] First grade teacher's name: Miss Anderson

[ 2 ] Last words you said: Drive safe

[ 3 ] Last song you sang: Bad John - Mephiskapheles

[ 4 ] Last person you hugged: Joshfuckinggrden

[ 5 ] Last thing you laughed at: Thoughts in my head about people

[ 6 ] Last time you said "I don't fucking remember!": Right now when I was trying to think of it

[ 7 ] Last time you cried: It's been a real long time (for once)

[ 8 ] What's in your CD player: The Lashes - Stupid Stupid EP

[ 9 ] What color socks are you wearing: Black Scooby Doo slipper socks

[ 10 ] What's under your bed: My air mattress and some framed posters

[ 11 ] What time did you wake up today: 10:30

[ 12 ] Current taste: M and M's

[ 13 ] Current hair: Edward Scissorhandsish.. No work = no effort

[ 14 ] Current clothes: Chokehold shirt and The First Step shorts and my Scooby slipper socks (I'm so hot right now)

[ 15 ] Current annoyance: Getting pushed away

[ 16 ] Current longing: To visit home

[ 17 ] Current desktop picture: The Alkaline Trio pentagram logo

[ 18 ] Current worry: No worries at all

[ 19 ] Current hate: Scene fags and scene girls

[ 20 ] Current favorite article of clothing: My Paul Frank camo pants and Fred Perry track jacket

[ 21 ] Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: Hair and style

[ 22 ] Last CD that you listened to: The Lashes

[ 23 ] Favorite place to be: At a show singing along or out dancing with my friends

[ 24 ] Least favorite place: My kitchen

[ 25 ] Time you wake up in the morning: Between 7:30-8:00

[ 26 ] If you could play an instrument, what would it be: Violin or piano

[ 27 ] Favorite color: Green

[ 28 ] Do you believe in an afterlife: Only if I was a ghost

[ 29 ] How tall are you: 5-9

[ 30 ] Current favorite word/saying: Fuckin douche

[ 31 ] Favorite book: The Zombie Survival Guide

[ 32 ] Favorite season: It was Fall and Winter, but CA is just one long season

[ 33 ] One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Westfield Chris, he's one of the only kids I knew who has died

[ 34 ] Favorite day: Anyday I don't work

[ 35 ] Where do you want to go: London and Japan (both next year hopefully)

[ 36 ] What is your career going to be like: Putting the core in coporate america/t shirt slinger

[ 37 ] How many kids do you want: Depends where I'm living. 1 or 2

[ 38 ] What kind of car will you have: I don't care as long as it lasts a bit

[ 39 ]Said "I love you" and meant it: The other day when my mom called

[ 40 ]Gotten in a fight w/ your dog/cat/bird/fish: Ummm no

[ 41 ] Been to New York: July

[ 42 ] Been to Florida: 1986

[ 43 ] San Diego, Cali: 2 Fridays ago

[ 44 ] Hawaii: Not yet

[ 45 ] Mexico: Not yet

[ 46 ] China: Hopefully next year

[ 47 ] Canada: Mmmm hmmm eh

[ 48 ] Danced naked: haha nope

[ 49 ] Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: Never

[ 50 ] Wanted to be the opposite sex: I'm fine with who I am

[ 51 ] Had an imaginary friend: Oh yeah..I even had an imaginary girlfriend. My mom LOVES telling this story.

[ 52 ] Do you have a crush on someone: Naw

[ 53 ] What book are you reading now: Just comic books...the old Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight series

[ 54 ] Worst feeling in the world: Awkwardness

[ 55 ] What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning: Fuuuccckkkkk

[ 56 ] How many rings before you answer: I never answer my phone

[ 57 ] Future daughter's name: Never thought about it

[ 58 ] Future son's name: Same

[ 59 ] Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Nope

[ 60 ] If you could have any job you wanted: I think I got it

[ 61 ] Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous: Lefty

[ 62 ] College plans: Been there done that

[ 63 ]Piercings: Ears and 1 more

[ 64 ] Do you do drugs: Drugs are for sluts and losers

[ 65 ] Who are your best friends: Got a couple, they should know

[ 66 ] What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use: I don't wash my hair

[ 67 ] What are you most scared of: Someone stealing my Chung King

[ 68 ] What clothes do you sleep in: Shirt and shorts

[ 69 ] Who is the last person that called you: DJ Powder

[ 70 ] Where do you want to get married: I'm not really sure

[ 71 ]If you could change anything about yourself what would that be: I'm me and I'm fine with that

[ 72 ] Favorite number: 3

[ 73 ] Been In Love: Yes

[ 74 ] What Type Automobile Do You Drive: Pontiac Sunfire

[ 75 ] Are You Timely Or Always Late: I'm always on time

[ 76 ] Do You Have A Job: You know this

[ 77 ] Do You Like Being Around People: Not really

[ 78 ] Best feeling in the world: Friendship

[ 79 ] Are you for world peace: Who cares

[ 80 ] Are you a health freak: Not at all

[ 81 ] Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: Girls that will reject me

[ 82 ] Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: Yeah

[ 83 ] Are You Lonely Right Now: I got nothing but I got my friends

[ 84 ] Do You Want To Get Married: Eventually

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Hessian Agression   
08:18pm 31/10/2004
  This was my first full week over in my new spot. My desk was all moved and it was time to start this shit up. Well, the frist week...fucking amazing. Seriously, I'm so happy with work right now. It's been so long since I've said that. It's amazing how much of your happiness/sadness/everything has to do with your boss. In leather, I was miserable all the time, anyhting I would ask my boss would be followed up with a "I didn't have time" I don't know.." etc...but now..I get an answer to questions I never thought I would. I'm so stoked. Vendors keep telling me how happy he is that I'm over here since he was sick of his old asst. I guess all she did was complain and they always clashed. Oh well, fuck her. I'm here now and I have one goal..to make her look bad. I'm confident for once...it will happen

I got a call this week from the one and only Joshfuckingrden. I didn't even know he was on tour. Turns out he was gonna be in LA on Friday, so I went up and played asst merch tech. Actaully, I think I'm moving up from being his tech. haha I might be Assistant merch guy from now on!! It was good...I got there and wow...seriously, I haven't seen so much hessian agression since Life of Agony downstairs at Pearl St. It was amazing. Sold a lot of shit. It was a good night. Then it ended. The Pallaidum nazi's (fucking take 25%) were giving Josh shit about money or something. It was real wack. Whatever.

Yesterday hit up our friends party. A couple pictures of my zombie get up below...It was fun. At the same time, it wasn't because we had plans to go watch our other friend DJ, so we were so stoked for that, that it kind left us wanting to leave a lot more as each minute passed. So we start to leave and about 10 minutes on our way to the all nighter (where he was djing) he calls and tells us it's dead, so don't even bother. Goddammit. So we just ended up going home. We were in by 1...good times. Oh well...

So that's the scoop. I'm pretty much over it. I want to hit up Underground on Friday. I haven't been out in so long, although there's a show going on almost every night in November. I'm gonna be a busy little bee. haha


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Life goes on without you   
06:27pm 25/10/2004
  On the way home from work tonight, it hit me...it hit me...hard.
I won't have that loving smile greeting me as I enter
I won't have a warm dinner waiting for me on the stove
I won't have the "How was your day honey?" as I walk through the door
I won't have anything...and when I walked in... I had nothing
It was like I was walking into a dead persons house
My air matress lay there just as I had left it this morning
The scent of homemade treats linger in the air, like memories that won't fade
The setting suns dying light was penetrating through my broken blinds onto my dark floor, barely making a difference
Nothing had changed in what seemed a million years
It's weird what a week and a half of routine can do...
I feel alone and that's all I'll be
Things are good   
07:25pm 23/10/2004
  For the first time in a while...things are really good. At least they seem that way. I've just been up lately and it's a great feeling. I forgot what it feels like. As of now, I actually like my job. So far my new position is fucking amazing. I'm gonna like it over here. Also, I overheard my new boss talking (what ever the opposite of shit is) about me. He was saying how maazing I was so far. Fuck yeah!! It's about time I get some credit for what I do.

Mom leaves in a couple days. It's nuts how quick her visit went by. Yesterday we went to the San Diego zoo and it fucking ruled. We had such a good time. It was the first zoo I ever went to. It was just amazing. So many animals I had never seen in real life. So cool. I saw a bunch of leopards, a jaguar and a huge freakin bat. I didn't get to see any monkey's flinging poop, that was kind of disappointing, BUT I did see an eagle catch a mouch and fly around with it, land right in front of me on a perch, and continue to rip it apart and eat it. It was awesome.

The way home suck..of course. Traffic was horrible. It was good for a while and then we got to Irvine it was dead stop. So we got off and I went to Loehmann's and got a new Fred Perry and we ate at Pat and Oscars. By then traffic was good and we went home and fell asleep.....

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04:51pm 23/10/2004
  Most Precious Blood
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